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Verbatim is a Digital marketing optimization agency that increases website traffic and revenue for local small business, e-commerce, startups, and non-profits. Our services range from ethical search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media (SMM), analytics, local search, and website design. We develop internet strategies that drive results.

Verbatim is a digital marketing agency that is forward-thinking obsessed. We begin by defining your target audience. Thru traffic acquisition, we bring prospective buyers to your website — converting visitors into customers. Our strategies don’t end there. We compel them to keep coming back. We think of ourselves, first and foremost, as customer experience architects. Great experiences build relationships. Every interaction a person has with your online business shapes his or her perception. Our capabilities help fulfill the promise your brand makes and lays the path for growth. More than a digital marketing firm, we take a vested interest resulting in a true partnership.

Digital marketing optimization begins with sound website design principles. A proficient designer ensures an SEO expert is involved with the process. Proper architecture isn’t just for visitors. Search engines look for elements to understand what your site is about. How you classify and focus information plays a vital role. Information architecture (IA) combined with rich content delivers a visual hierarchy. A well designed site encourages repeated visits. The easier and more informative your website is, the more people will use it.

Conversely, improper website design lowers visibility in the search results. Flawed architecture can impede ROI in a number of ways. Having an aesthetically pleasing website is of little use if it’s too difficult to use. If it’s not within the top search results, it won’t be seen. Without the right online marketing strategy, a website can frustrate visitors and lose visibility. With consumer behavior and technology constantly changing, losing valuable market share affects revenue. It can also lead to higher cost per acquisitions.

As a digital marketing optimization agency. we evaluate and refine the strategy as a whole. Our methodologies provide an all encompassing, holistic approach. In simple terms, we examine all the parts that influence a customer’s decision making. Many online companies struggle with an unbalanced lead generation and acquisition strategy. We not only review existing touch-points but fill in the gaps preventing you from acquiring new customers. Our sole aim is growth.

Get New Customers & Increase Sales

The modern consumer is constantly on the go. A purchase decision often spans multiple devices or channels. To get new customers and increase sales, a business needs to be where customers are. For some industries, a sale can span several months. Automotive or car buying is such an example. Bigger ticket items convolute and prolong the decision making process. Multi-channel marketing reaches your audience by engaging them and offering choice.

Trying to run your business and handle marketing at the same time? Any expert will tell you that’s not the path forward.

A digital marketing agency brings expertise to where it’s needed. Defining the target audience is the first step. Understanding behavior, intent, and what’s important to customers occupies the heart of our strategy. It’s not the only thing. To get new customers and increase sales, website fundamentals need to be in place. Much like a house, a solid foundation is paramount before adding additional floors. We custom tailor and implement a strategy that’s consistent. We devote the time and resources for your local or e-commerce business to win online.

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Digital Marketing For Small Business & eCommerce

A Few Ways We Increase Leads and Sales.

We’re a different kind of online marketing agency. You’ll find other firms have higher fees and less time for your business. At Verbatim, we do things differently. Started in 2013, our Los Angeles digital marketing agency began by helping small and medium size businesses flourish online. Perhaps you need enterprise SEO for e-commerce to increase organic rankings & sales.

We start with a snapshot of where the site is to illustrate. What’s impeding keyword rankings and leads is uncovered by a comprehensive SEO audit and assessment. It gets to the root cause. We include a one (1) hour call to discuss our findings and what to prioritize. For retail stores or service area businesses, our local SEO services increases foot traffic, calls, and sales.

Verbatim also handles website redesign and migrations. With so much riding on an effective site to meet ROI, we’ll analyze it for free. No matter your needs, our solutions provide the path for success and growth. Not sure where to start ? Schedule a free consultation.

Does your website represent your business well online? We create responsive websites for small business, startups, and non-profits that’s affordable.  A mobile optimized site with rich content connects with on the go searchers.

Creating a website is more than looks. It must be useful and relevant. Many website designers don’t integrate SEO into the process. We do.

The result is a website that is understood by search engines and loved by new customers. Verbatim provides affordable WordPress and Squarespace web design. Talk with us first before hiring a web design agency.


Has organic search traffic dropped? Not seeing ROI with your current SEO agency? We can change that. Organic search has moved beyond keyword optimization. With Semantic search, it now centers on intent and relevancy. Simply put, it’s the actual meaning behind what someone is looking for.

New advancements such as voice search are changing the way consumers find a business. User experience is yet another factor. Our ethical search engine optimization for small business and e-commerce is ROI-focused. We implement the latest methodologies. The focus is on driving highly relevant traffic that converts. Speak with an SEO expert. Request a free consultation.

Putting more money into online advertising and getting low conversions? CRO is not just about UX or IA. Although these elements affect a buyer’s decision, many other factors influence buyer intent. To improve conversions, one needs data. If you don’t know what’s important to website visitors, you can’t provide it. Customers have a lot of options. A website’s aim is to answer questions.

You may be bringing in traffic that’s does not convert to sales. That possibility exists all too often. In some cases, your content may be hurting you. Not all searcher’s have buyer intent. Conversion optimization examines action and non-action to understand decision making.

Pay per click advertising brings traffic and leads quickly. It can also help diversify your online marketing. As much as there is to gain there is much to lose. PPC is becoming more competitive and expensive. Without proper research, planning, and testing results won’t be seen

Perhaps you run an Adwords campaign and need optimization? Maybe you’re just starting out and need a PPC expert. If you’re receiving a lot of traffic but low conversions, it’s time to consider pay per click management. Knowing buyer intent and proper account structure is where we excel. The result is lower cost per acquisition and higher ROI.

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