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Digital Marketing

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About Verbatim Marketing Agency

Verbatim is an internet marketing optimization agency providing ethical search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click management (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), and website design. Headquartered in Los Angeles, we specialize in search engine optimization services for small business, retailers, and e-commerce companies.

We take a vested interest resulting in a true partnership.

  • Customized Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Fixed Rate Prices
  • Monthly Reporting
  • ROI Focused

Verbatim has been reputable digital marketing agency since 2013. A process and framework is custom designed for each client. We believe a website with high value content with an emphasis on the user experience is the cornerstone for success. Engaging content establishes trust, builds relationships, and creates brand loyalty.

A website should not only a solve a problem but provide answers for the next one. Although an attractive and modern website looks good, it will do little unless it can be found in the search results. In the eyes of the search engines, a website must be authoritative. For visitors, it must be relevant. Combining both fulfills the promise a brand makes.

We believe in knowledge transfer as part of an ongoing process. This ensures executives make the right decisions for the short and long term success of their company. To that end, we provide resources if needed.

Competent marketing isn’t inexpensive. It’s a time consuming discipline with many moving parts that constantly changes. New advancements in paid search, search algorithm updates, and competition requires dedication. As technology changes, so does your audience.

Our Process



It all begins with discovery. Every business is unique. We assess where you are and where you can go. Through dialogue, we understand the business model, goals, defining characteristics, and who you’re trying to reach. Further to that aim, we research your industry and identify what’s important to customers. Through competitive intelligence, we begin building a roadmap.


A solid strategy exists before we launch anything. Everything is thoroughly thought out and accounted for. We design strategies that fulfill the promise made by your brand. We set objectives and timelines all within a framework that you can easily understand. With consumer behavior and technology changing, it’s paramount to have a strategy that can adapt.


Our services are implemented with painstaking detail. Nothing is done without a defined objective. With a walk before your run perspective, proper planning is assured. This avoids the pitfalls of confusion and diminishing trust for your website visitors. Using the latest software and methodology, we’re steadfastly in step with a constantly changing online world.


Measurement and ROI. Understand what our marketing initiatives have produced for return on investment. With clear reporting and analytics, you’ll understand the correlation from visitors to leads to revenue. Each online channel is tracked and accounted for. Gain insight into what is working and what needs some attention. Review our recommendations as we continue to optimize for increased ROI.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Your time and energy should be consumed by running your company. As capable professionals, we recognize that some business owners may not know where to begin.

We solve even the most vexing marketing challenges

Before engaging with us, we recommend outlining the marketing challenges you face. This ensures we have a productive conversation on both sides. All meetings are scheduled. Our approach is simple. We take time to understand your business model, circumstances, and  needs to determine the best marketing solutions to implement. There is no one size fits all.

Our channel selection and methodologies are custom tailored.

Some of the common issues we address are:

  1. Conversion Issues. increasing traffic won’t do much good if you’re not connecting with customers.
  2. Audience growth. Visitors don’t give their information easily. You must demonstrate that it’s in their interest to do so.
  3. Omni-Channel World. Consumers live in a cross-channel, cross-device world. Are you staying in front of them?
  4. Customer Journey. Customer experience accounts for over 50% of brand loyalty.
  5. Brand Story. What’s behind your product or service matters. Your marketing identity affects purchase decisions.

Not sure what direction to go in? Schedule a free consultation.