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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

To many, SEO seems shrouded in mystery; only known by the chosen few. Contrary to some beliefs, there’s no trickery or people sitting around in dark robes. What’s required is proper planning, implementing proven techniques, and constant improvement. Search engine optimization is both an art and a science. It’s a constantly changing and evolving channel. So what are the benefits? With higher rankings, a website achieves higher visibility and potentially increased sales. To achieve high rankings, a site must have the proper fundamentals. Content, relevancy, and user experience are just some of the many critical necessities. A white hat SEO agency helps determine how to optimize a site better than your competitors.

What is white hat SEO? it means implementing methodologies without violating webmaster guidelines. In other words, higher website rankings must be earned. Consumers visit a website for many different reasons. They may seek a product, service, or information relative to their needs and timeframe. As a potential customer moves thru the stages from awareness to purchase, SEO becomes a major touch-point in the conversion cycle. It’s an opportunity to make a powerful connection but moreover to compel action.

Many companies overlook the importance of optimizing their website for organic or local search. Although traffic is not immediate, it’s an investment in market share that pays dividends. Done correctly and maintained, it becomes evergreen. At Verbatim, we understand the contribution of ethical search engine optimization and how it grows your business online. Not only does it increases a website’s visibility; it controls costs and compounds marketing ROI. The result is a stronger brand presence with increased market share.

SEO Strategy To Become An Authoritative Site

An SEO strategy is instrumental to the success of any digital marketing plan. Although increased traffic is desirable, specific goals need to be defined. Not all search queries have the same intent. Nor do they have the same demographics. Designing an SEO strategy begins with planning and research. The audience must be defined. Keyword research and intelligence gathering are the first steps. To achieve visibility, authoritative content is the cornerstone but only the beginning.

To become an authoritative site means transcending products and services. To establish expertise in your industry is to be viewed as a subject matter expert. Rich content encompasses topics and subtopics which leads to credibility and trust. Overtime, a website builds domain authority evolving into a valuable traffic source.

Search Engine Optimization Agency

Verbatim is comprised of experts with a track record. We’re an ethical search engine optimization agency that follows industry standards. Our methodology lays the foundation for improved organic rankings and increased website traffic. Part of our holistic cross-channel marketing strategy, SEO plays a critical role for compounding marketing ROI. Everything begins with an authoritative website that focuses on the customer experience.

Organic search optimization rates are based on an individual basis and negotiable. Additionally, we provide SEO web design and migration. Pay per click, social media, and branding campaigns are some of our additional services. Individual marketing campaigns are tailored to your needs. Questions? Schedule a free consultation.

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