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Local SEO: Search Engine Optimization

What is Local SEO? Local SEO is the implementation of tactics and strategy to rank your website higher in geographic areas. Potential customers can find your business through business listings or in local organic search results. Whether you’re a small business or store with multiple locations, optimizing for local search can have a major impact on revenue. Local search engine optimization increases sales by connecting with consumers at critical moments.

With mobile use exceeding desktop, a website needs to provide information quickly and easily. 4 in 5 people use search engines with local intent. Many consumers make purchase decisions within hours. Google coined the term ZMOT;zero moment of truth. It’s the ability to provide answers to mobile consumers exactly when they need it.

Bridge the gap from digital to non-digital.

Local search engine optimization has essentially two parts; organic and local. Local consists of a business listing with a map or pin. Consumers can click to call, read reviews, and visit your site. For organic local SEO, search engines show relevant pages with a geographic focus. A local landing page provides relevant content pursuant to what someone is searching for.

Unlike e-commerce shoppers, local consumers are further along in the decision process. They’re carefully weighing a number of factors such as price, availability, and proximity. With the rise of smartphones, over 50% of local searchers visit a store within the same day. Local search engine optimization generates more phone calls than any other marketing channel.

Mobile searchers live in the moment: A site that’s relevant, useful, and provides answers wins.

Just as a website visit shapes the perception of a business, phone calls also play a vital role. Whereas a phone call is a critical first point of contact, it has the potential to influence a sale or lose it. Moreover, the impact of a local consumer could be even greater; a lifetime customer and referral. Done correctly, an investment in Local search marketing can become evergreen.

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Benefits of SEO For Local Businesses

The importance of SEO for local business can’t be emphasized enough. Read some stats below.




  • 4 in 5 consumers use search engines for local business info

Google, BrightLocal, Neustar


  • Consumers will travel up to 17 mins. 72% of searchers visit a store within 5 miles.


  • 1 in 3 mobile searches occurs before a retail store visit.


  • 4 in 5 mobile searches ends in purchase. Majority are in store sales.
Local Citations SEO

To obtain the benefits of local search, requires a complete physical address.

SEO Citations For Local Business

What are SEO citations? By definition, a local citation is any online reference that mentions your business. They can be structured or unstructured.
Structured typically includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website Link (optional)

Businesses that have more citations than others will generally rank higher, however, quality also matters. Creating business listings across the web increases your visibility online. Doing so can drive valuable referral traffic. There are hundreds of directories to create a free online profile.

The accuracy of data across the local ecosystem, also known as NAP, is a ranking factor. The search engines look for evidence to establish business prominence. Essentially, it’s one piece that helps to validate your business is part of the community. Managing data and correcting it is no easy task. There are many providers that can automate much of this, however, it does require manual work.

Simply creating online profiles is not enough. Advanced techniques are needed in order to achieve optimal visiblilty. Knowing where to get citations from and which ones are paramount. Not all are equal. What is certain is that getting citations can greatly improve your local search rankings, traffic, and revenue.