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Los Angeles Social Media Marketing

Social media has rewritten the rules for businesses online. Formally a one-sided conversation, it’s now a forum for multiple conversations. What’s being said, about a brand or service, can occur on numerous sites. With the number of sites growing, it brings both opportunity but complexity. In simple terms, it’s the opportunity to increase awareness and interact with customers beyond the sales cycle. As a Los Angeles Social media marketing agency, we look at how to create a community around your brand. Second we review the assets in place to determine the best startegy.

Social media marketing is engagement thru an ongoing dialogue.

Through interaction, we believe companies can foster meaningful relationships. It offers the opportunity to illustrate your unique value. This does require time and the ability to understand what matters most to your customers. Done correctly, a brand or service can achieve loyal customers who then become brand advocates. Done incorrectly or neglected, social media can cause considerable harm. With increased competition, consumers have many choices. It’s important to stay in front of them with meaningful content and express how you’re best suited for their needs. Companies must listen but also understand expectations in order to stay ahead.

Why Social Media is Important

The evidence is clear. A business needs too be online and seen in the right places. A great deal of time is spent on social media sites by existing clients but also by potential ones. Customers interact through social channels to learn about new products or to hear recommendations. Referrals carry considerable weight as they come from a trusted source such as a colleague, friend, or family member.

Relationships are built on experiences. Over time, customers leave reviews, comments, help spread content, and in some cases defend. For example, some companies are great at sales but provide slow service. Many companies have customer service departments overwhelmed. Brand advocates, in some cases, are willing to help newer customers find answers. That affords valuable time and provides an opportunity. It’s also a valuable interaction with your loyal following.

The purpose of social media is to get closer to your customers. This helps improve products and service. As much as logic drives purchase decisions it’s how a customer feels about your brand that matters most.

Developing A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Before you decide on which social media platforms, determine where your customers live. Developing and implementing a social media marketing strategy requires that you understand your audience. This means knowing what’s important to them. The aim is building a following and not a quick sale. It also requires consistency and proper channel selection.

The benefits are:

  • Increase Qualified Traffic
  • Customer Retention
  • Resolves Customer Issues
  • Obtain Product Feedback

The right social media strategy balances participation and content demonstrating value. Over time, you will also learn how to improve as a company.

Speak to Your Audience.

Define your ideal customer, tell stories, and grow your audience.

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