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Los Angeles Website Design Agency

Verbatim provides custom Los Angeles web design for small business, startups, nonprofits, and e-commerce companies. Our services meet the demands of today’s cross-device world.A functional website with great design creates a rewarding customer experience. Our methodology incorporates both beauty and function.

In order to connect with customers, a site must first represent the business well. Images combined with rich content creates a visual hierarchy. Technology can provide an amazing interactive experience. All too often, sites supersede information relevancy hindering the ability to be found in the search results. Although functionality is unlimited, there must be balance. Our Los Angeles SEO website design creates harmony between beauty, usability, and information delivery.

“Form follows function — that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one; joined in a spiritual union.”
—Frank Lloyd Wright

Unlike some web design companies in Los Angeles, we don’t simply create sites that look good. Using WordPress, Squarespace, and Craft, we integrate the latest search engine optimization methodologies. To create a great site requires extensive planning and research. It must be, for all intent and purposes, built for your audience.

A content rich site provides answers to questions. It demonstrates how you’re qualified to care for potential customers. We combine brand story telling with compelling design. It’s one that’s right in step with today’s mobile-first world that turns visitors into customers.

We work with the following platforms:

  • Squarespace
  • Craft
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Magento
Small Business Website Design Los Angeles

Mobile Friendly Responsive Site

Convert customers in today’s mobile-first world. The majority of searchers transact within the same day. Studies put it close to 80% and it’s rising. Local consumers often make decisions within hours. As the primary starting point for research, a mobile optimized website is a necessity.

Our mobile friendly and responsive web design adapts to the always connected consumer.

On April 21, 2015, Google made the user experience on hand-held devices a priority. Mobile-friendly means the viewpoint adjusts to the screen size. Part of responsive web design, it adapts the screen dimensions to the different sizes of any device. Google’s mobile ranking algorithm now penalizes sites that are non-compliant.

Squarespace Web Design For Small Business

Squarespace web design for Los Angeles small business is an affordable alternative to expensive designers. Expressing your unique and defining characteristics connects with customers. A highly relevant site conveys why a business is best suited for the customer. To that end, we marry the philosophy of the owner with great form and function. The result is an online presence that distinguishes you from competitors.

  • Built-In Analytics
  • Load Balanced Hosting
  • SEO Compliant

Our process integrates world-class SEO. Verbatim provides Los Angeles Web design for local business, startups, and non-profits. Get a website that turns leads into sales. For redesigns, we carefully plan site migrations. Although some fluctuations occur while Google re-evaluates new pages, no market share is lost. Verbatim is experienced in all aspects of WordPress, Squarespace and Craft website design.

Squarespace Design Los Angeles
Responsive web design

Our Los Angeles Website Design Process


We typically kick things off with an introductory free consultation. An in person meeting, if possible, is arranged to discuss the goals for the site. We start with why the business was created in the first place.

Technical needs, design, and business objectives are outlined. All of this fuels a broader discussion about your industry and challenges. Our objective is get an idea of the site you envision. Whether it’s an existing site that needs a redesign or to better connect with your audience, no stone is left unturned.


To create an authoritative site, requires extensive research and planning. Historical search volume, technology, and the latest search trends occupy our process. Relevancy, trust, and authenticity is developed by engaging content.

We review your analytics, the competitive landscape and develop a wireframe. This outlines the architecture, content, and internal link structure.

Usability and how to convert customers is our chief concern. All of which, in turn, determines the road map for success.


No two businesses are alike. Cookie cutter is fine for baking; not for online marketing. Brand story telling combined with rich content, proper UX and IA creates memorable consumer experiences.

With a visual hierarchy, and rich content, visitors know why your best suited for their needs. A great website is one that facilitates answers and compels action. The result is a site that marys beauty and functionality. We integrate world-class SEO with responsive CMS design. Search engines understand not just what your content says but what it means.


The most exciting part is releasing the site. Before doing so, we meticulously conduct a review. Google analytics, and search console are set up. Everything is ready to be measured and tracked.

Once the site is QA’d, we present it for approval. Once the green light is given, the search engines become notified. We conduct a post launch audit to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Any issues are addressed quickly. We keep an open dialogue in the even some changes are needed.

Optional management and support is provided on a monthly retainer.